When to start teaching your kids to help with the cleaning?

As with all things new your little one will learn in its early days, helping mummy with the cleaning at home is something that would become a skill for life.

Your kids may surprise you with what they are capable of. Some children can or learn to do things earlier than others, but all of them are little curious creatures.

As early as when they are one year old (or earlier), they will start to copy you when loading the washing machine, for example. This is still a game for them, with their favourite playmate – you.

Once you see that they are interested in what you do, and have started to copy you, you can start teaching them little tasks, such as sweeping the floor with small broom, or “wiping the dust” (just hand them a cloth and see how they repeat your moves).

Patience is always the key with kids, and teaching them even simple cleaning tasks might take time and effort. If you don’t succeed at first, don’t persist or they’ll be put off of this particular task and it will definitely become a chore for them. Try again after some time, they may take up to it with more enthusiasm and interest.

Cleaning tasks are just part of long list of things they’ll learn, so don’t be disheartened if your little one isn’t showing any interest at first. To make thing easier, follow these simple steps:

  • Set realistic goals and give them age appropriate chores
  • Break everything down into small steps
  • Try to make each particular cleaning chore as interesting as possible so they take up to it and enjoy it
  • Reassure and cheer them all the time, even if unsuccessful – children need to see that their efforts are valued

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