Just about anything in Laundry

A little help is always welcome during laundry time.

The first and most important thing before washing is to group clothes by color – darks, coloreds, and whites. Do not forget to separate delicates to be hand-washed or prepare for dry-cleaning.

Preparing your pale:

– Turn clothes inside out to keep the original color as much as possible.

– Check all pockets, all of us hate tissues all around our wet clothes (ouch).

– Make sure all zips, buttons, and bra-hooks are closed.

– Wash trainers or delicate items no more than 30 degrees and cover them with a pillowcase or fitted sheet (old ones).



All of us are scared of stains, especially in our whites.

– Pre-wash soaking works well sometimes.

– Fresh lemon juice

– If by any chance you could find homemade soap you will be impressed with the result.



Good to know about Dry-cleaning.

Always remove the covers of the already cleaned clothes. Let them have some air before hanging them in the wardrobe. That prevent the toxic chemicals used during the process are disappeared.


Washing machine and have you made the best choice?

Most of the new generation washing machines offer more than 16 different programs.

However, we did not use more than four. Our advice is to use German brands. They are the best! They cost more but save double!


Take care of your washing machine.

– For quality, washing does not overload the machine. Otherwise, detergent could not get inside of all clothes and clean them properly.

– To prevent module and bad smell – when you take out the wash, leave the door open.

– Clean your powder basket regularly. If it is filthy try to soak in the bucket with hot water and bleach. After 30 min try to remove the dirt with a brush and rinse thoroughly.

-Use special washing machine cleaner once every two months.


The right detergent

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of detergent but they are so many, and that can be confusing.

“BIO” – they contain stronger elements that break down more heavy stains like food, blood, egg, etc. Also, better to use for whites.

“NON-BIO” – they have more gently formula and they are good for allergies, sensitive skin, and babies.

Detergents might be in liquid, powder, tablets and gel form.

Liquids and gels are handy in cold-water washes.

Use liquids and gels for dark and colored clothes.

Most of the powder products contain bleach (be careful).

Fabric conditioner – adding fluffiness and softness, also making ironing easier.

Advise: do not use when you do the washing of towels and silk.

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